Saturday, May 31, 2014

Still Exploring, but at a Snail's Pace(in my case)

We haven't been able to meet up in past weeks, due to end of the school year meetings, steam updates and downtimes as well as other activities. That said the kids are working in Garry's Mod at their own pace and some have even produced some machinima for it, which we are hoping to post here. The kids will be writing one post prior to the end of the school year on their experiences so far.

At this point, the parental letter explaining the family sharing settings has been shared with parents through GDocs and we are set to have our last club meeting this coming Thursday.

The club will be back next school year and we hope to really make progress with our long awaited GMod accounts. We are definitely newbies when it comes to this application but willing and excited to learn.  If there is anyone out there that is using GMod with their students, we would really love to hear from you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playing Around with Garry's Mod

We are going to begin work on a spaceship this week.
We are all brand new to Garry's mod which is a sandbox physics game,  and are really learning on the go.

Here are some of the things we have learned so far:
  • Use q to spawn items.
  • Right click object to freeze and use the e key to spin it.
  • Left click to unfreeze
  • Left click tool to use with tool gun and adjust the force.
  • Use v to fly.
  • To change model you have to die first.
  • Use the easy weld tool for welding.

These are some of the items we will need to use during the spaceship/rocket build. We may be missing some items. Can you find out what those might be?

  • Download:
  • Space build addon (on the left in game modes (blue, space build 2)
  • Tools-page 2 and install life support two and resource distribution 2 in the top left
  • Maps- page two sb gooniverse
  • Find a large vehicle
  • Use link tool to link solar panels
  • Add storage cells and link them all and then link to the solar panels.
  • 1-air compressor and air tank
  • Add some ballast to stablise the ship.
  • Add hover balls.
  • Place thrusters on the back, front and two more one either side toward the front. Set the forward and backward keys as well as left and right.
  • Air converter and heat exchange
  • A seat on for the top
Can you stabalise it?
  • launch:
  • force about 5000
  • Select effects and sounds
Write a short paragraph for next lesson describing the experience so far. 
Add you suggestions to how to build a spacecraft as well as any items we need to add to the list. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Writing a Quest

Your homework for next week is to gather up ideas images today in WoW which you will used to write a quest of your own. Remember to use the language of the game and construct your quest using the structures quests in WoW use.


Quest Name

Description of the Quest

Relevant Locations

Completion of the Quest


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wow abilities

Last lesson in wow I learned some new abilities, one was of a poison dart that when you threw it to someone it slowed the enemy player and it tooled 50 health every second. Another ability I learned was one in which you could capture an wild animal and make it your pet.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WoW Abilities


Last we played World of Warcraft well, learning new abilities, like blink, which makes you teleport from one place to another. I can also get out of counter attacks, and discovered that at level 18 I can transform enemies into sheep and get rid of them easily. I also learned how to freeze enemies and make them slower, to then attack them.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

world of warcraft comparison with Artemis Fowl

World of warcraft is about a war between good and evil, humans, dwarfs and many other mythical creatures fighting against each other for the right of the world, mean while in Artemis Fowl is about a criminal master mind kid which has worked out a world of some mythical creates hiding from the upper world with bunch technology never seen by man and a police commander witch then artemis becomes kind of a friend in the second book. In my opinion both stores are completely different!

WOW similar to Artemis Flows

On Artemis Fowl theres a kid who is a criminal and there are police drwaves and goblins and a centaurs. On World of Warcraft there are all dose monsters is very similar just for the monsters. On the book there are missions to complete similar to World of Warcraft were you need to complete a lot of missions and quests.

Sometimes is different to the book and the game. And it also depends on what world you are on WOW that on the book. There are not many similes and not many differences.